Our beautiful Northern Inuit Pack

                       Shima Onida Kennels

                                                                     Breeder of  Northern Inuit  & Timber Wolflike Dogs

Shima Onida Hagrid (Cody)

Cody is not owned by us but we bred him and fortunately for us his 

owners have had all his health test done so that we can now use him in our 

breeding program, he is a very loving big boy.

His Hip Results are Right 5 and Left 5 total of 10 , his Elbows are 00 and 

he is DM N/N so free from DM and OSD3 Clear.

He is a very large boy with a beautiful dense heavy coat , one of the things 

we are hoping will come through in his pups. He like all of ours is a house 

dog so keeps this nice coat even though he lives indoors.

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