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 We have been breeding wolfdogs on and off for over 8 years now and I have learned so much, we breed for quality not quantity, I have never been a fan of breeding businesses were the dogs spend all their time in kennels and are there solely to breed puppies, our dogs are our pets first and foremost who we breed from time to time once we have a full waiting list. 

we never breed one of our girls without a waiting list of owners ready to take a precious fur baby home.  I have a very good friend who has been breeding for over 30 yrs who is always there to give advice should i come across anything I haven't seen before, you can never know enough, breeding is a challenge sometimes and has its highs and lows.

 We are happy to be considered Hobby Breeders and not classed as a large breeding outlet. This way if we don't want to breed a litter for any reason we don't have to and that suits us fine. We have excellent vets who see our dogs on a regular basis to ensure that they are in the best condition possible, we feed a raw diet and best quality kibble when and if required, our dogs want for nothing and that's just how we like it !!!


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Hello this is me Maggie, I own these dogs with my daughter Avenn. I have owned large breed dogs for over 30 yrs and have also been a Dog Trainer for 25 years, Firstly owning GSD's and now the wolfies, All our dogs are pets first and foremost living in a pet home being allowed to sleep on the sofas and beds just like any pet, we believe all dogs should have an excellent quality of life and should be respected as part of the family! 


Team Member 2

Hello, This is Avenn my daughter who also owns these dogs with me, she has half the pack with her as they are her dogs and the other half with me, Avenn studied Animal Management for her Degree and is well versed in all aspects, She is enjoying being a major part of Shima Onida now and has grown up with it all. Avenn started breeding herself in 2017 for the first time and all she has learned has helped her. She breeds under the Shima Onida affix also and is now managing part of Shima Onida. She loves dealing with all the nutrician and feeding guides for our owner.

Contact E-mail:- maggie.shimaonida@hotmail.co.uk



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