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Diploma Of Holistic Medicine

From the British School of Yoga (BSY) 90% Pass Mark

This  is to certify that I am trained in the use of the Bach Flower remedies for Homoeopathic Medicine.

Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

Holistic medicines for pets are on the upswing, saving hundreds of pounds in vet bills if you know how to administer them correctly. The most prevalent problem with getting your pet to take their medicine is the taste-much like your child. So when administering flower essences for dogs, you'll have to use an eye dropper.
Please feel free to contact me for advice,I will endeavour to help in any way I can.
Here are just a few examples of how Bach remedies can be used!
Flower essences are okay for all of your pets. If the dog you are treating shares drinking water with another pet in the house, it's safe, and can be a bonus as the other pets can only benefit from the essence.

Now onto which essence to use for what ailment;

If you are teaching the dog, Clematis flower essence will help with their attention. It is also helpful if your dog is groggy after coming home from surgery.

Impatient helps with anxiety and pain. Rock Rose is the flower essence to give if your dog has been traumatized. If you have just adopted a dog from the rescue society for instance that may have been abused, this flower can alleviate stress and help restore courage.

Does your dog absolutely hate riding in the car? A dose of Cherry Plum will help settle them down. This will also help the dog who has a habit of chewing on themselves for no apparent reason-or keep them away from after surgery stitches.

These remedies like prescription drugs do not always work on every animal,but it is a good way to start! I do use these on my own dogs and will try homoeopathic medicine before contacting the vet if I can.




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