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A very exciting time ahead for Shima Onida, New 

technology has now become available to us which 

enables us to now health test for 160 diseases in just 

onequick mouth swab, also it will give us a clear 

breakdown of all the breeds that makeup our Inuits, 

Timber & Tamaskan dogs. This will put an end to 

the speculation of what is or is not in our breeds. 

The test is done by an American firm called EMBARK,

and to date is the most reliable test available to us. 


Shima Onida Elanor aka Ellie pictured above at Crufts today

We are very proud here at Shima Onida as one of the first litters we bred has a very Special girl, Ellie aka Shima Onida Elanor has become a Pets as Therapy dog and today 10/03/2016 she is at Crufts , a great achievement for us and her owner Debbie Woodcock .

Well where do we start, My story of becoming a Northern Inuit Owner & breeder. For more years than I can remember I have adored Wolves, only ever being able to view them in Zoo's and Animal parks. Always behind bars!

Having owned GSD's for over 20yrs I found myself in the position of being able to have another dog and decided to try a new breed. I had heard of wolf Hybrids,Sarloos Wolf Dogs and also Czech Wolfdogs 

Anyway while my daughter was searching the Internet (fountain of all knowledge!) she came across the Northern Inuit and the Utonagan. Having read all possible and checking out both breeds I decided that the Northern Inuit was for me. I had seen some very wolfy looking ones and a lot that where not too wolfy at all.

Anyway on Dec 23rd 06 I was able to bring my furry bundle of joy home, having chosen her when she was 3 days old. That puppy was Tala.

Since then I have acquired 3 more, 2 which have been re homed and another from a 12 week old puppy! Be warned they are very addictive!!!!Please be advised that these dogs crave human companionship and if left alone for long periods they will trash your home!!This is due to them needing more attention than the more popular breeds. If you work full time they are not an ideal breed to own, however you can kennel them in the garden with toys and another dog and they will do far less damage than if they where home alone!!!

The name Shima Onida means "Mother - the one I have been searching for" Both Shima & Onida are from the Native American languages, and as we are trying to capture the look of the wolf I thought it would be nice to use the Native American names and Music on my site. All music is by a lady called Mary Young Blood who is a top Native American Artist.




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