Our beautiful Northern Inuit Pack

                       Shima Onida Kennels

                                                                     Breeder of Northern Inuit  & Timber Wolfalike Dogs

Shima Onida Hagrid (Cody)

Cody is not owned by us but I did breed him and fortunately for us his owners have had all his 

health test done so that we can now use him in our breeding program, he is a very loving boy 

who is planned to go to our girl Sansa this year. He had a very successful litter of 10 puppies 

with our girl Lola in 2017 of which we kept 1 girl, Lilith. Half of this litter were born black, which 

is very rare for wolfalike dogs. 

His Hip Results are Right 5 and Left 5 total of 10 , his Elbows are 00 and he is DM N/N so free 

from DM.

He is a very large boy with a beautiful dense heavy coat , one of the things we are hoping will 

come through in his pups. He like all of ours is a house dog so keeps this nice coat even

though he lives indoors.