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Our Breeding Girlies

Our aim in breeding is to improve the height, Coat , and Ear Size

of the Northern Inuit. I personally prefer longer legged Inuits.

 Julestar New years Moon Child @ Shima Onida (Luna)

Luna came to us from Julestar kennels, she is very good for our 

breeding lines as she is a big girly and is a different bloodline to our 

current dogs.  She has now had 2 litters with our Stud boy Tamaska.

Luna is hip and elbow scored and has passed and DM tested, she is 

totally free from DM. Luna is also OSD3 Clear.

Shima Onida Tamara (Sansa)

 Sansa was bred by us, she was born 17th March 2013 and was one of

6 puppies, we have kept her as she is closer to what I am trying to 

breed. She has the nice smaller ears which is one of the reasons we are 

breeding and the heavier coat also.

we shall be showing her this season with a hope that she will do well. 

Sansa won Open Bitch at The BUA show in Essex last year and 

went on to win Reserve Best In Show we are proud of our home bred 

girlie as it was only her 3rd time in the show ring .

She has already had her DM test giving her a result of n/DM which 

means she carries it but when put to a DM clear male breeding can 


Sansa has now had her Hip and Elbow scores and had great results 

for both her Elbows are 00 and her hips are Right 2 and Left 5 total 

of 7 a nice low result. OSD3 - Carrier

Julestar Twilight Dream @ Shima Onida


Lola is a Timber wolfalike Dog, her and her brother have joined our 

breeding programme, the Timber Dog is very similar to a 

Northern Inuit and in fact their Mother is an Inuit and their father 

is a Timber Dog. The original outcross was done to enhance

the wolfie look and also to extend the gene pool as the NI gene pool 

was closed to early and is far too small running the risk in some lines

of higher that liked in- breeding. By outcrossing the Timber Dog, the 

gene pool is larger giving for a low risk of any breeding being to close.

Hip score: 10

Elbows: 0/0

DM free through Parentage.

OSD3 - Clear

Starlight Mystique (Sequoia) @ Shima Onida

Sequoia has joined the Shima Onida Pack, she is our first Tamaskan 

wolfie. She joined our Pack late in August 2016 and has been 

approved to join our breeding programme as she has passed her hip 

and Elbow scores, we are just waiting for the results of her DM test 

are aware that she may be a carrier or clear so can still be bred from

as long as the males are clear which both of ours are. 

Then we will be having her eye tests done also. Sequoia is a happy 

affectionate dog and was bred in Scotland, we are in regular contact 

with her breeder as to keep her in the loop and discuss all  breeding,

health testing and Stud dogs to use. Sequoia is registered with the

Tamaskan Dog Registry in the USA and has full Pedigree papers.

OSD3 - Clear



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